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We are happy to share that as part of its innovation thrust, SPH is bringing together its content marketing teams - SPH Content Lab and Brand New Media - along with Creative Lab and THINK Inc., as one unified entity to offer top-of-class client solutions.


In a word:

The launch of the Sweet brand marks a commitment by SPH to strengthen its alliance with agencies and clients. It meets an increasing demand among clients for integrated storytelling across a range of multimedia formats, which has been steadily growing over the past two years.

Sweet marks the spot for brands, with SPH’s creative powerhouses now a full-service business unit positioned to deliver solutions in content, creative, branding, events, advertising campaigns and inbound marketing.

The benefit for clients: deep strategic thinking, executed by world-class creative talents. Sweet is fully owned by SPH, and managed by a dynamic, growth-oriented leadership team, a highly credentialed group of marketers, strategists, creators, writers, designers and producers. Drawing on the company’s resources, deep consumer insights and access to audiences across omni-channel platforms, it offers a diverse suite of formats, seamlessly executed.

At its helm is Mr Damien Bray, Chief Sweet Officer. The previous CEO of SPH subsidiary Brand New Media Asia brings with him 25 years of experience operating marketing service agencies.

He said: “This is an exciting time as we bring together the combined talents and experience from Brand New Media, SPH Content Lab and CreativeLAB, as well as THINK Inc., to add value and support to clients, as well as complement and partner with the capabilities of their agencies. Im super excited to be leading such an amazingly talented creative and content team. We will also be introducing additional resources to help drive client ROI as well as expand the creative possibilities in areas such as immersive media and brand films."


The Sweet Leadership Team comprises:

Mr Damien Bray
Chief Sweet Officer
Previously CEO of Brand New Media Asia

Mr Tommy Lim
Head of Creative
Previously Head of CreativeLAB

Ms Serene Goh
Head of Editorial Content
Previously Chief Content Strategist SPH Content Lab

Mr Ken Jalleh Jr.
Head of Visual Content
Previously Chief Executive of Think Inc.

Mr Jonathan Ng
Head of Video Content
Previously Chief Multimedia Strategist Content Lab

Mr Vim Shanmugam
Head of Content (TV, Film & Video)
Previously Executive Producer, Brand New Media Asia


For more details, please contact Mr Damien Bray at