Schedule: Content Marketing Masterclass


Sweet Facilitator – Welcome, explains format for the day, allow participants to provide brief background on their roles and what they hope to get out of the day


Facilitator – What is Content marketing – short video and then a few case study slides / vids of best practice – what good looks like

9.30 to 9.45

Sweet Coach – Module 1 Theory – Objectives and Insights – how to distill the objectives you wish to achieve from content marketing. And what consumer and business insights do you need to ensure you can develop a sound strategy

9.45 – 10.15

Participants Workshop Module 1. Client team discuss and agree Objectives and then discuss relevant consumer insights and also business insights which will be used to develop the Strategy

10.15 to 10.30

Sweet Coach – Module 2 Theory STRATEGY. METHODOLOGY How to create a content marketing strategy that provides a strong basis for driving commercial outcomes. Including reviewing the competitive environment for content in the brand space.

10.30 to 11.00

Participant Workshop – Module 2 – STRATEGY. Client team uses the theory to develop a strategy for their campaign / brand – drawing on the objectives and insights from Module 1


11.15 to 11.30

Sweet Coach – Module 3 Theory – IDEATION METHODOLOGY – The creative development process. How to generate content ideas that deliver on the strategy developed in Module 2

11.30 to 12.30

Participant Workshop – Module 3 – IDEATION – Break out into 2 OR 3 teams and create content ideas using the methodology just learned.


1.15 TO 2

Presentation and Discussion of Content ideas. Lock in those to be explored further – i.e. Formats and treatments to be developed, costing to be secured

2 – 2.15

Sweet Coach – Module 4 Theory AMPLIFICATION METHODOLOGY – a model for building audience and community using owned, earned and paid channels

2.15- 2.45

Participant Workshop – Module 4 – AMPLIFICATION – client teams develop an amplification / distribution plan


3.00 TO 3.20

Sweet Coach – Module 5 Theory – INBOUND MARKETING – How to build customer deep data and nurture stronger relationships

3.20 TO 3.45

Participant Workshop – Module 5 – METHODOLOGY – write up a brief for data to be collected, content to be personalised, product offers to be created

3.45 TO 4.00

Sweet Coach – Module 6 Theory – ROI MEASUREMENT METHODOLOGY – what data and metrics do you need to use to measure ROI base on the target outcomes defined in Module 1

4.00 TO 4.20

Participant Workshop – Module 6 – METHODOLOGY – develop the plan for analytics and reporting for their campaign

4.20 TO 4.30

Sweet Coach – Module 7 Theory – PLANNING TEMPLATE . A model for pulling it all together into a Content Marketing Plan that can be preened internally for stakeholder buy in and sign off, and then a model for activation with agency / production/ media partners

4.30 TO 5

Participant Workshop – Module 7 – PLANNING – Client team uses the model template provided by ACMA to write up the CONTENT MARKETING PLAN – ready for sharing with all internal and external stakeholders



MASTERCLASS FEE – S$10,000 plus GST. Includes a briefing session pre-workshop and a follow-up post-workshop to assess progress.

Venue – Sweet has access to a number of spaces at SPH that we recommend for this style of workshop. It is best to have it offsite so the team is not distracted.

Enquiries and bookings:, 63191633