Content Production


Editorial Content

Sweet’s storytellers provide compelling narratives that connect audiences to brands. Our writing canvas includes print, digital, social, EDMs, collaterals and more.

We offer two key narrative styles:

  • Sweet Spot – Brand bespoke content – Storytelling in the brand narrative to tell the brand story. When the brand wants to market a specific story relating to the brand and/or product.
  • Brand Newsroom – Newsroom-style content – Journalistic content that is commissioned or sponsored by a brand. Best used when the brand wants to ignite or influence the conversation, or to align the brand with certain values.

Video Content

Our Sweet video team produce video in any format, treatment, duration  and style to meet any brand need. For digital, social, TV, point of sales, events, EDM’s and more

Animation & Motion Graphics

Bring your brand and story to life with stunning animation and motion graphics treatments

Visual Content

Avoid copy heavy content through exciting visual storytelling. An exciting way for your content to stand out from the clutter. Infographics (Development of 3D Infographics: Structural, Directional, Informational), Graphic Novel Illustrations, Cartoons, Storyboards

TV Shows & Film Production

We have a long and proud team history in producing TV programs and Brand Films for distribution across abroad range of channels. No matter what the format, genre or topic, we can cater for your needs

Immersive Media

AR and VR is the next big thing in media creative for consumer engagement. We’ve curated the best Immersive Media team in Singapore to take brands into this exciting new realm. Ideal for events, point of sales and digital media platforms

Experiential Events

Events are a great way to bring a brand experience to life, drive strong consumer engagement and conversations. We can create and deliver experiential events to any budget and scale.


An excellent tool for deep engagement, quizzes and competitions are an effective way to drive consumer play with your story. Ideal for digital and social platforms

Brand Custom Publishing

Our vast publishing experience at SPH provides an ideal partnership opportunity for Custom Publishing – where the brand becomes the publisher. We develop an nd to end solution and service for brand publishing – from concept, to content creation & curation, content hub management, amplification, community management & ROI performance management

Print Media Supplements

Our team has strong experience in creating and producing content supplements for print media. A great way to get the attention or your target audience when you have a BIG story to tell