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Aug 23, 2018 Besorf 0 comments
Unveil & Win Your Way To Macao Campaign

“Unveil and Win Your Way to Macao” has successfully attracted an average footfall of 550,000 per month

The Straits Times partnered with Pacific Leisure Marketing Pte Ltd in this outdoor campaign.

  • To promote Macao as a popular tourist destination
  • To use creative outdoor displays to captivate and enable consumers to visualize Macao’s main attractions

To enable top-of-mind recall, we created a tangible peek of the true Macao experience with a combination of visuals featuring iconic Macao’s attractions, events and festivals, and entertainment.

To enable consumers to better visualize what can be done when visiting Macao, a 55-inch plasma TV was installed as a centre-piece of the wall display and the promotional video of “Experience Macao Your Own Style” was played on loop.

Macao’s rich Portuguese cultural and architectural history and heritage was showcased via the use and feature of Portuguese tiles wallpaper and cobblestone floor stickers which mimic the city’s street scenes.

Other equally striking visuals depicted the city’s successful efforts to preserve its multicultural heritage alongside state-of-the-art world-class facilities.

The use of different colours illustrated the vibrancy of Macao as a one-stop destination with non-stop entertainment and excitement. Adding fun and engagement into the wallscape display, 2 designated sections of the wall were filled with 1,500 peel-off stickers.

A total of 150 winning stickers and 1,350 non-winning stickers was installed, inviting consumers to peel off the stickers and unveil the prizes which included flight travel vouchers to Macao.

Non-winning stickers featured a “Thank You” message and a “Fun Fact” about Macao.

The sticker wall image was layered and the overall display was not affected even after the stickers were peeled off. This interactive wallscape display campaign was carried out to encourage individuals to explore and learn more about Macao in a fun, interesting and memorable way―whenever and whoever they were with.


The “Unveil and Win Your Way to Macao” wallscape display campaign attracted an average footfall of about 550,000 per month. All 1,500 stickers were peeled off within half a day after the display was put up. Out of the 150 winning stickers, 36 stickers were redeemed for prizes via the campaign microsite.

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Aug 23, 2018 Besorf 0 comments
Qatar Airways Origami

Qatar Airways took newspaper advertising to a whole new level

Singapore FIRST-EVER 3-D aircraft origami in The Sunday Times

  • To promote Qatar Airways in a unique, meaningful and innovative way
  • To go beyond traditional newspaper formats to engage the new generation of readers

The airline took newspaper creativity to new heights with Singapore FIRST-EVER 3-D aircraft origami in The Sunday Times – bringing the interactive fun of paper-folding to readers. Titled The Qatar Airways Great Origami Adventure, the centerspread advertisement, which used a thicker woodfree paper, was created as a piece of water colour artwork incorporating the cut-out lines of a 3-dimensional Qatar Airways A350 plane.

Readers were invited to fold the 3-D origami plane, place it against any item that represents the destination they wish to travel to, snap a photo and email in for a chance to win free air tickets to their destination of choice. The creative part of the contest was getting the readers to snap a photo of the place against the destination of their choice. If they shot it against a croissant or baguette, it represents Paris, if it’s a snow peak ice-kacangdessert, it represents Mount Fiji or Japan.


The response was overwhelming, with more than 1100 entries, creatively conceptualized by readers to communicate the destinations of their choice.

Readers were engaged in a fun and interactive manner through the newspaper as they thought of ideas to present the destination. The advertisement idea
was picked up by Campaign Brief Asia and Mumbrella. More importantly, the campaign delivered the Qatar Airways brand, through the 3-D origami aircraft, into the living room of our readers, thus greatly extending the retention value of the Qatar Airway advertisement and enhanced top-of-mind recall for the brand.

The end result:

For Qatar Airways – this innovative newspaper platform added mileage to its dedication to engage readers in unique, meaningful and rewarding ways.

For SPH Newspapers, it delivered potentially 300,000 Qatar Airways A350 aircrafts into Singapore households! Also, it represents another exciting breakthrough in the way we help make brands larger than life.

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Casio: G-Shock in motion

Motion ads deliver maximum impact for Casio’s campaign

As part of an ongoing push for its premium watches, Casio wanted a campaign that will show how tough its G-Shock watches are, with an emphasis on their shock resistance, vibration resistance, and centrifugal force resistance.


In order to demonstrate the qualities that Casio wanted to showcase, motion ads were deployed to allow users to interact with the ad, creating maximum impact.


Due to the interactive nature of SPH Digitals motion ads, the campaign was able to generate strong CTR and engagement results.


What do you do when you want to show off qualities that go beyond just the visual? Casio, the maker of G-Shock watches, wanted to demonstrate just how tough these timepieces are. They are, after all, shock-resistant, centrifugal force-resistant, and vibration-resistant. Simply using an image of the watch will give the appropriate vibe, but it is not something the readers can experience. A video, meanwhile, may be more visual, but it still lacks the element of interactivity. How then can you showcase these characteristics with the most impact and in a more unique and interactive way?


For Casio, we wanted to bring the experience into the digital space. The answer came in the form of our newest ad unit, motion ads. This high-impact ad unit is implemented on the article page when readers access the mobile web on their smartphone. Using the phones accelerometer, the ad moves when the user moves the phone in any direction. This could be through shaking, tilting up and down, forming a circle, tilting a cube, and flipping left and right. Click here on your smartphone for a quick demo.

For the Casio motion ads, readers shook their phones and were able to get agood feel of what will happen to the watch when it is subjected to shock, centrifugal force, and vibration. This clearly highlighted the credentialing of the G-SHOCK MT-G. Its tough. In this instance, the simulation through motion shows that under the same circumstances, other screens may crack. The G-Shock, however, remains absolutely tough.


Monitoring the campaign showed that the campaign performance improved over time, which could support the ad worlds definition for effective frequency. That is, the number of times a consumer must be exposed to an advertising message in order to get him or her to react to it. Another key learning is thatcreative execution and copy has a significant impact on the campaign performance.

With strong CTR and engagement results, motion ads are an excellent choice for more creative campaigns. Compared to the benchmark for the ad unit in a similar position, the motion ads in this campaign had a 65% uplift.

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SIA’s new flight to Stockholm


To announce and promote Singapore Airlines’s (SIA) new flight to Stockholm in an effective and engaging manner.


To meet this objective, SIA engaged the audience with an online scrapbook contest related to the Swedish capital. The airline used a clever creative buy in The Straits Times to draw the audience’s attention to the contest and encourage participation. A first for the newspaper and in Singapore, the creative buy comprised a vertical 54cm x 1 col strip ad teaser and a consecutive full page that continues the story. The teaser invites the reader to fold the ad onto the following page to unveil ‘Stockholm In Four Seasons’ (the theme of the contest). As the ad is folded, it forms the complete the full picture of Gamla Stan an iconic building in Stockholm, which is presented in four vibrant vertical strips that convey the must-do activities and must-see attractions in spring, summer, autumn and winter.


The eye-catching creative buy drew traffic to the online contest and boosted the number of entries. It also generated increased awareness about the new flight route.

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Courts Recharge Pod

COURTS Singapore launches “Come Sleep With COURTS” campaign across the island
  • To raise awareness of quality sleep for a healthy lifestyle
  • To increase brand awareness of COURTS’ wide range of over 900 mattresses available at their stores
  • For four days in October, SPH Integrated Marketing equipped custom COURTS recharge pods with ultra-comfortable mattresses and asked Singaporeans to “Come Sleep with COURTS”.The trucks were styled in a comfortable room setting and accompanied by soothing aromatherapy, warm tea and a headset playing relaxing tunes.

    The mobile bedrooms then travelled to MapleTree Business Park in Pasir Panjang, Ocean Financial Centre in Raffles Place, Ang Mo Kio Hub, as well as heartland and neighbourhood towns and shopping districts.

    More than 12 people fell asleep on the pod hourly, as they eagerly hopped onto the bed to burrow under the comforters and catch forty winks.

    With SPH being the media partner of COURTS, a strategic combination of SPH print, digital, radio and outdoor platforms were use to boost awareness of the creatively-designed recharge pods:

    • Print: Advertisements on The Straits Times, Lianhe Wanbao and Berita Harian were used to generate hype and buzz towards the outdoor activation
    • Digital: Electronic direct mailers (EDM) were tapped to reach out to specific target audience for the event
    • Radio: Open talk sessions were held on Kiss92 to reach out to the younger audiences

The result for the campaign speaks for itself. Over the 8 hours event activation, the campaign received hundreds of likes on social media, and more than 100 people fell soundly on the recharge pod.

Everywhere the recharge pods went, phones and cameras were whipped out to take photos of the novel sight – up to 500,000 eyeballs were captured! As for the participants who took a nap on the recharge pods, 60 per cent of them considered purchasing a new mattress from COURTS after the event.

With the unique experience to spot and try out the recharge pod, the campaign received 400+ more likes in client’s Facebook page within 8 hours.

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Cathay Pacific BrandInsider

Cathay Pacific #lifewelltravelled campaign captures the attention of locals
  • To build customer loyalty/relationship, raise brand awareness and drive both engagement and lead generation with Singapore’s audience
  • To serve as a platform to inspire customers to travel well, discover new destinations or even re-discover familiar places for their future travels

Our 6-pronged content marketing approach:

  1. Design: Customised microsite – in line with Cathay Pacific (CX)’s branding – that is visually-driven with both rich media and videos
  2. Develop: Ideate, create, curate. We worked with the CX team to plan a year-long content calendar with fresh content written by the BrandInsider (BI) team; each writer backed by years of journalistic experience. We utilized that skill set and covered some of these by first-hand experience: flying with Cathay Pacific and going behind the scenes both in Singapore and Hong Kong where the carrier is based
  3. Discover: Traffic to the microsite is native and discoverable as CX BI sits on straitstimes.com with traffic drivers from the news platform’s homepage
  4. Distribute: The engaging site is mobile responsive and articles are amplified via various channels: SPH’s network (straitstimes.com and asiaone.com), ST’s Facebook & Twitter pages, BI’s Facebook and audience targeting as value-add
  5. Deliver: Always-on content marketing campaign that focuses on quality engagements
  6. Data: Weekly reports on content and site’s performance are shared with the client
  • We delivered a variety of purposeful pieces that performed with an average of 13,000 page views and 4 minutes dwell time per article
  • We also tapped into our own repository to curate highly relevant stories related to travelling and Cathay Pacific
  • Traffic Driver Performance: In total, throughout the year-long campaign, traffic drivers served close to 72 million impressions and garnered 75,000 clicks. 76% of traffic drivers surpassed the ad benchmark
  • BrandInsider Tactical Banners & Quicklinks Performance: Tactical banners such as IMU performed well with 0.41% CTR. This was a successful lead generation for Cathay Pacific, driving readers to their website for more information on travel destinations and deals

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