Content Marketing Masterclass

Content marketing is the fastest growing marketing segment in the world. Many brands have started using content as a key part of their marketing efforts. However, many still lack the knowledge of how to use best practices in the development of their content marketing campaign. Spending time up-front in the development process can dramatically improve the commercial return on investment.

Sweet is pleased to present its Content Marketing Masterclass, providing brands with the opportunity to learn some of the best practices in the development of content marketing campaigns and long-term plans.

The Content Marketing Masterclass is delivered by the Sweet Leadership team, representing some of the most experienced content marketers in the region. The team members have worked across hundreds of brand briefs and created award-winning commercial outcomes for clients.

The outcome at the completion of the one-day workshop will be an actionable content marketing framework and roadmap plan, tailored for your brand based on a real brief for an activation on the horizon.

Here’s an outline of how the Content Marketing Masterclass works.

Prior to the workshop, there will be a briefing session between the client and Sweet to develop a brief including:

  1. The outcomes and goals you wish to achieve from the content marketing campaign. These may be brand problems to be solved, e.g. how to launch a new product.
  2. The persona of your brand.
  3. Your target customer insights – persona, profile, lifestyle interests. Sweet will provide an Empathy Mapping tool to be completed by your marketing team prior to the workshop. This enables the workshop to be far more effective in creating strategies and creative solutions which have a strong opportunity for success.
  4. A review of the competitive environment for content in your industry.