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Brand Newsrooms: Room for Deals & ideals?
Brand Newsrooms: Room for deals and ideals?
As traditional publishers explore new business models, we look at how growing the tree - and plucking the fruit, are shaping today's content marketing.
Good grief, why can’t we be brief?
When today’s story becomes tomorrow’s history, will there be anyone left with the patience, the curiosity, indeed the inclination to read it?
The best movie I never watched
This is about a guy, a girl, and his mother. Add to the pot some mansions. Mahjong. Machinations. This sleep-deprived Mombie can already pretend to love it all.
C3 and the video machine
Everyone wants videos in their content mix these days. But critical to its power is finding it a purpose in the life of your target audience.
The story of things, my favourite obsession
Everybody loves a good story. Stories are a ravel of the human condition, begging to be untangled for closer examination.
Woo your customer like a lover, not a one-night stand
Marketing used to be a much simpler game. In today’s world, brands need to become their customers’ ‘best friends forever’.
5 ways millennials are “futuring” the media
If there’s a glimpse of how the future of marketing will look, it will look like this.