Visual Storytelling Masterclass



You know (or should know) that attention today is priceless. It is the currency of the Internet. Deleterious attention spans, myriad distractions and impatient minds make it so. Brands now have to contend with audiences who scan (in print) or skim (online), who have no time, who multi-task, who demand brevity, visual clarity and creativity.

There has already been a seismic shift from tell to show. We have come full circle from primaeval times when sketches carved on cavern walls served as a chronicle of the era; a time when stories and events were shown, more than told. In today’s world of social media and video, the wired generation is increasingly transfixed more by images than text.

How do you ride such momentous shifts? How can you seize the power of visuals to connect and attract – quickly, easily, clearly – and do so on all platforms? Visuals feed our natural desire to be dazzled. Now more than ever, you need to know how to wow.

Our coaching and consultancy sessions will help you explore trends and solutions, not merely to mitigate the challenges of communication in the digital age, but to get ahead of the curve.

The Visual Storytelling Masterclass will be tailored to your specific needs and includes the skilful use of compelling concepts, visual tools, communicative devices and how to bring clarity to complexity. The sessions include interactive elements, discussions and exercises – all with real-world applications.

The sessions will be helmed by three international award-winning creative journalists with a combined experience of more than 70 years. The team has a proven record of coaching, having run sell-out workshops for STJobs and the Civil Service College.